[kdepim-users] Is kmail an MDA?

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Thu Jul 31 22:36:43 BST 2008

On Thursday 31 July 2008, John Culleton wrote:
> I want to generate messages as the result of a program and send them
> off.  Programs like mailx are available but they depend on an MDA to
> handle the mechanics.
> Is Kmail an MDA? If not what does Kmail use for an MDA?

KMail can send messages to SMTP servers. If that makes it an MDA then 
KMail is an MDA. With a bit of dcop (in KDE 3) magic you should be able 
to (ab)use KMail as MDA.

Use kmail's command line options (see 'kmail --help') to open the 
composer with a few fields and probably also the body prefilled. Then 
send the message via dcop:

  dcop kmail 0x513c1c8 send 0

0x513c1c8 is just an example. With 'dcop kmail' you get a list of all 
interfaces provided by kmail. You have to find the interface of the 
message composer. Unfortunately, this interface does not have such nice 
name as most other interfaces. So you have to look for an interface 
that contains 'void send(int how)'. You can get a list of the methods 
provided by an interface with 'dcop kmail <interface>'.

kdcop is a nice GUI application for exploring the dcop interface of KDE 
3 applications. With KDE 4 dbus is used instead of dcop.

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