[kdepim-users] kontact 4.1svn unbearable slow

Mikołaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Thu Jul 17 23:37:00 BST 2008

> > I found where problem is: big folders. Relatively speaking. In small
> > folders, up to 2000-3000 of messages it is fast. Well, not
> > really. Fast is in folders < 1000 messages. Up to 3000 it takes ca 2
> > seconds. In kdepim-users with 8700 messages it begins to slow down.
> > Displaying of your message took 3 secs. Much bigger pain is with even
> > bigger folders. digikam-devel has 22000 and displaying of message
> > lasts there up to 9 seconds. Similar to vim-devel with 20000. Real
> > disaster is with vim-list (60000 messages) stopped waiting after 2
> > minutes.
> That could well be true. I do not have a folder with anything greater than
> about 3000 mails to check (I expire mails older than 3 months). But is
> there a
> regression? Was kdepim3 better at it?

Big regression. Viewing single message in 60000 message folder took 4-6 
secs. And all other folders appropriately faster. It is hard to measure 
it but I have an impression that kontact for KDE 3.5.9 is *faster* under 
KDE4 than natively.

BTW - all folders are local mbox'es.


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