[kdepim-users] Mail backup and Kwallet

Dennis Meulensteen dennis at meulensteen.nl
Fri Jul 25 08:10:53 BST 2008

> usb drives are usually formatted as FAT, which doesn't like maildir style
> file/directory names.
> you should compress your mail folder and then copy the archive file to your
> usb device.
Alternatively you could reformat the USB device to use ext2(3, Reiser) 
whatever. Just be sure to mount it so it does not register file access times 
("noatime" option). Of course that means using the device under w*****s would 
become more difficult or perhaps impossible depending on the chosen FS.
I did thta with my USB harddisk and have not regretted it, I use Rsync to 
backup all my files to it, works great (and so does restoring! phew...)
Another alternative is to use DD to create an EXT3 (for example) filesystem 
right there on your FAT(16/32) USB stick. Then mount that and backup to it. 
This has the advantage that nothing else you drop onto your USB stick can 
ever compete for your valuable backup space!
(need details, mail me for the scripts)
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