[kdepim-users] Found one reason for S-l-0-0-0-W Email connections.

Robert Smits bob at rsmits.ca
Wed Jul 9 05:19:54 BST 2008

Recently, somewhere, I saw some threads about how slow Kmail was in picking up 
email. I can't find the threads anymore, si I don't know if anyone found a 

However, recently I installed KDE PIM 3.5.9 on a couple of machines with 
openSUSE 11.0. In the process, I had backed up all my email to a usb drive 
and after re-installing KDE PIM went about setting up the usual filters to 
distribute email into my folders. 

What I did was to create a filter for a folder category, and then just applied 
the filter to move the mail from the import folder to the one where it 
normally resides. Normally this moves pretty quickly. This time it was bog 
slow. And when I tried to download mail it CRAWLED.

I discovered i had accidentally used spam assassin instead of bogofilter. 
Removing spam assassin, deleting it's filters in kmail, and installing 
bogofilter instead got me back to normal mail processing times. 

Hope this helps someone else. 
Robert Smits Ladysmith BC
bob at rsmits.ca
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