[kdepim-users] IMAP sync hanging when uploading status messages

Carlos Goncalves mail at cgoncalves.info
Sat Jul 19 13:37:17 BST 2008


I'm having some difficulties syncing my Gmail account with KMail4 (v1.10.0) 
using disconnected IMAP.

After ~4 hours waiting for the first sync (427MB of data, not that much imo), 
I'm experience almost the same issue when regularly syncing the account, i.e. 
this behavior is due to "Uploading status of messages to server", or at least 
it hangs there for approximately 30 minutes.

I have another dIMAP account set up on KMail and it's not affected by this 
issue, though it's by far smaller (19MB of data) and runs from a different IMAP 

My question is whether this can be considered a "normal" behavior or if it is 

Carlos Goncalves

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