[kdepim-users] will Kpilot work with my Palm T|X

Cam Ellison cam at ellisonpsychology.ca
Wed Jan 30 20:24:06 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 29 January 2008 22:59:18 Herberto P. Garcia wrote:
> I have a HP laptop with Kubuntu 7.10 I just installed kpilot will it
> work with my Palm T|X?

That depends on what you mean by "work".  I recently purchased a T|X, 
and am able to sync the calendar, to-dos, etc., but there are still 
problems with the addressbook.  I'm running the latest version of 
kpilot (palo alto) out of cvs.  I think that what you will find is that 
you can load addresses out of kaddressbook to the Palm, but that if you 
make changes and try to sync, kpilot will crash.

As for setup, use usb: as the device, and set the speed to 9600 - that's 
the default, I think.  I have not tried to play around with the speed - 
while there are still some issues with sync-ing, it's best not to raise 
the ante just yet.

As Adriaan's email today says quite clearly, there aren't enough people 
actually willing to contribute to move kpilot ahead at the speed some 
people think should be the case, and he and Jason (and a few others who 
contribute to kpilot) are overloaded.  Don't expect the addressbook 
issues to get solved immediately.  In any case, sync-ing with 
KOrganizer works fine, though there is no equivalent to the Journal on 
the Palm (nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change).



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