[kdepim-users] S/MIME in KMail

Roman Odaisky roma at qwertty.com
Tue Jan 29 19:32:01 GMT 2008


How does one add an S/MIME certificate to KMail? I followed any possible 
HOWTOs to no success. Right now, Kleopatra shows three certificates: mine and 
two ones that belong to the CA, KMail sees them but when I try to send a 
message it says, "Signing failed: General error".

KWatchGnuPG gives a lot of messages, of which these seem the most relevant:

gpgsm[11807]: after checking the fingerprint, you may want to add it manually 
to the list of trusted certificates.
gpgsm[11807]: interactive marking as trusted not enabled in gpg-agent
gpgsm[11807.0] DBG: -> ERR 67108962 Not trusted

So, as far as I understand, it does not trust the CA that was used to sign the 
certificate. How do I make GPG trust the issuer?

Another strange thing is that gpgsm -k lists the three entries, while gpg -k 
lists nothing.

Am I missing something incredibly simple?

WBR, Roman.
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