[kdepim-users] Archiving Kontact/Kmail?

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Thu Jan 31 19:01:38 GMT 2008

On Thursday 31 January 2008, r bartlett wrote:
> I'm just wondering if there is an easy way to archive large folders,
> ideally within Kmail so that the attachments, dates, etc., are
> retained.

That depends on what you mean by archiving. Via the Expire feature it is 
possible to move old messages from one folder to another "archive" 

> Also, I see a way to import mail...but can I export an 
> entire folder to, say, a txt file?  (Dropping the attachments,
> obviously...)

When you save a set of messages then they are stored in a file in mbox 
format. They are saved as-is, i.e. including all attachments.

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