[kdepim-users] SURVEY: PDA with Embedded Linux?

Alban Pearce alban at mycroft1.plus.com
Wed Jan 30 14:01:27 GMT 2008

Experiences )

If I did not Like  Linux /Familiar /Opie I would not have bought any More 
handheld Pc's

I've Had a Ipaq 3600 a Zaurus Z3000 (Akita)  A Z3200 (Spitz)
Ive Tried Several Different Versions of Familiar Linux 
on the Ipaq with The Opie PIM Suite  

On The Z3200 I've Tried the default version Opie Pim & Kapi-Kopi  

Ive Tried opie 1.2.4 On Angstrom it 

Ive Had Great Problems Transferring The data between applications 
and getting the data into kontact 
The Pim in Opie 1.2.4 Just Released does  not have a Export Facility
if its buried sorry I cannot find it ...

I am hoping KDE4  / Akondi solves This 


On Tuesday 29 January 2008 05:37:29 Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> On Monday 28 January 2008 20:19:54 Homo ludens wrote:
> > Is anybody on this list using a handheld device / PDA running an Embedded
> > Linux-based system such as Qtopia or OPIE?
> >
> > If so:
> >
> > (a) What kind of heldheld are you using?
> > (b) Is it synchronizing with Kontact? How well, and using what kind of
> > sync application?
> >
> > Thanks everyone,
> >
> > home ludens
> Hey! Why are you asking, I'm very curious to know? :-)
> You did not give any details.
> I've been lurking on this list for EIGHT YEARS waiting for consistent PIM
> Synchronization support in KDE. Yes, there are things that work from time
> to time, but it's always ebbing and tiding. Some KDE releases things work,
> and the next one everything is broken and "Oh, we're writing a new
> framework" or "Oh, yeah, we're waiting on the next KDE Libs release so we
> can gut the core code and rewrite it".
> I'm nearly dying for the Synch stuff to be given priority. I mean, realy,
> dedicated, important priority. Kontact/KMail works great, please, give some
> attention to these other needs :-)
> I've had several iPaqs runnign Linux. Right now for daily use I have an
> iPaq rx3115 still running Windows Mobile 5 (for shame ;-) because it just
> works better and at least I can get reliable backups of it.
> But! I have a iPaq 3870 series with SD card slot and Bluetooth. It has
> Familiar/OPIE installed. I have the CF card sleeve (which makes it
> wonderfully easy to install Linux on) and all the rest.  I don't really use
> it, it's been sitting around awaiting the great day for testing. If it had
> 100% compatible, reliable KDE sync that REALLY worked and didn't
> change/dissappear between releases I would dance a jig.
> Old iPaqs for testing can be had pretty cheap:
> http://cgi.ebay.com/Compaq-IPAQ-3800-H3835_W0QQitemZ200195469178QQihZ010QQc
> For Question B: Not right now, I'vemade it work with old-old-Kitchensync
> (which is not at all the same as the app that goes by that name now) and
> alsi with . . . I think it was called OpenSync.
> Oh, that some dedicated developer would make this work for good. And
> Windows Mobile support too - there are many business people who will use
> Linux on their workstations that might never get up the gumption to install
> Linux on their handheld. Also, in some cases they wont' want to - for
> example I own several PocketPC applications that are wonderful, and there
> is just no Familiar/OPIE equivalent.
> Once again I ask: why are you asking? Are you going to start development?
> 	JW
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