[kdepim-users] KOrganizer won't import a vCal file

Firas Kraiem firas at itsuki.fkraiem.org
Thu Jan 31 19:38:00 GMT 2008


as the title says, I'm having issues importing a vCal file in KOrganizer 
(running KDE 3.5.8 in Ubuntu Gutsy). KOrganizer just throws a popup 
saying "Error while loading file resource" and, if I didn't check the "Read 
only" box when importing, erases all the contents of the file. Both Outlook 
and Evolution import the file just fine so I suspect there is something 
KOrganizer doesn't like about how the file is formatted (it's generated by a 
script on my school's website). I attached the file, any ideas about how I 
could make it KOrganizer-friendly ?

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