[kdepim-users] kmail creates instead merge identity into kontact when setting PGP preferences

LimCore forlist at limcore.com
Thu Jan 24 10:57:47 GMT 2008


if in kmail one sets PGP preferences for given recipent/sender,
then a new entry in kontact is always created, even if there was already
an entry for this person (entry with same e-mail address).

Instead, if we find  existing entry that uses given e-mail address,
kontact should probably ask to just merge it - set the new PGP option on
that existing contact, instead creating a new one.

Any opinions?  Or is that possible already?

Btw, is there at all any option to merge two contacts in kontact? Now I
would have to copy paste already entered data from the contact which I
created by hand into the one generated by kmail.


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