[kdepim-users] KDE-Pim questions

Homo ludens homoludens1000 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 15:18:17 GMT 2008

Dear all:

A couple of questions from a Kubuntu/Linux/Kontact newbie user:

** Internationalization? **

(a) Does anyone know whether there is a Japanese localized version of Kontact, 
and where to find it?

(b) If there is a Japanese user on the list: How do you deal with furigana for 
contact names? Kontact doesn't seem to support extra fields to accommodate 
furigana. This becomes problematic when I sync with my Clie TJ-25 (which uses 
the Japanese Palm OS), because the two fields "contact name" "contact name 
furigana" become fused in Kontact, which looks confusing.

** The Categories problem **

(c) I've been browsing the archives, and obviously the fact that the 
categories of to-dos in Kontact are not uploaded to the Palm seems to be a 
well-known problem.
My to-do list is pretty long, and having to assign categories all over again 
on the Palm is pretty much impossible.
Is there really no solution? Is there a fix in the works? (Pretty please?!)

** Customizing Kontact **

(d) Is it possible (e.g. by using a plugin) to customize the colors of to-dos 
beyond the "today = yellow / overdue = red" scheme? Ideally, I'd like to be 
able to color to-dos by priority ...

(e) Is it possible to create filters that filter to-dos by priority (and not 
just by category)?

(f) Surprising for a KDE application, Kontact doesn't seem to support creating 
global shortcuts. Is there a way to create shortcuts from the desktop to 
creating appointments, contacts, to-dos?

(g) Is it possible to customize the desktop new-mail pop-up window? If 
feasible, I'd like to be able to see a list of the senders/subjects of new 
emails in a passive window.

... and finally

(h) I'd like to find out what kind of features are being worked on for the 
next release of Kontact. Are they listed somewhere?

That all being said, I've been amazed at what an outstanding application 
Kontact is; by far the best PIM I know of.


Homo ludens


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