[kdepim-users] gmail imap, kmail, and groupware

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Tue Jan 22 22:33:02 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 22 January 2008, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 January 2008 08:51:38 Gandalf Lechner wrote:
> > In comparison to the calendar, however, addressbook files
> > can only be stored locally ..
> Gandalf, which distro, and which version of kaddressbook is this?  I
> have used remote addressbooks for years, but in my latest
> installation, Mandriva 2008, KAddressbook 3.5.7, I find, like you,
> that I can only use a local addressbook.

Same here. There's a plethora of groupware servers to chose from, but a 
simple remote file resource is not available anymore. It might be that 
it was removed because it's not possible to lock a remote file and that 
it's impossible to get notified about changes. Also after every small 
change the whole file had to be uploaded. I remember several 
discussions about the problems with the remote file resource and I'm 
pretty sure that it was removed because of those problems. Some other 
thing that I seem to remember is that due to some very reasonable 
design decisions it was no longer possible to support the remote file 

IOW, the remote file resource was removed and most likely it will not 
come back. (OTOH, it shouldn't be too hard to implement a remote file 
resource for Akonadi.)

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