[korganizer] [Bug 418811] Events stored in the database not displayed in KOrganizer

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Mon Mar 21 07:18:03 GMT 2022


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--- Comment #9 from Helmar Gerloni <helmar at gerloni.net> ---
Same problem here (KDE on Debian Testing, korganizer 21.08.1, plasma 5.24.3,
KDE Frameworks 5.90).

I can reproduce the error with the attached ICS files (replace me at here.net with
your mail address configured in KDE).

- example_Error_MeAndSomeoneElse.ics:
ATTENDEE:mailto:me at here.net
ATTENDEE:mailto:someone at else.net

- example_Error_MeOnly.ics:
ATTENDEE:mailto:me at here.net

- example_NoError_MeOnlyAccepted.ics:
ATTENDEE;PARTSTAT=ACCEPTED:mailto:me at here.net

- example_NoError_SomeoneElse.ics:
ATTENDEE:mailto:someone at else.net

- example_NoError_NoAttendee.ics:
(no ATTENDEE entry)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Import example_Error_*.ics into an existing Nextcloud calendar in KOrganizer
(by clicking on it in dolphin):
  - Shows up in Akonadiconsole and is synchronized to Nextcloud
  - Does not show up in KOrganizer
  - Shows up on Android (as translucent, not accepted yet)
  - Shows up in Nextcloud Web
2. Confirm event on Android:
  - Gets colored in Android (accepted)
  - Shows up in KOrganizer

=> Korganizer does not show events containing a invitation for the user itself
that has not yet been accepted yet by the user (Android/Outlook show such
events as translucent/brighter). As soon as the invitation is accepted by the
user in another calendar app KOrganizer shows the event.

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