[kmail2] [Bug 378985] KMail 5.4.3: Save all attachements -> no attachments found

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Thu Apr 21 08:57:37 BST 2022


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I don't think this is a bug.

If you look closely, the listed attachments have a background color. But they
don't always have that. I don't know what this signifies, perhaps someone from
the KDE/KMail team can clarify? I suspect it has something to do with
spam/security checks.

Anyway, 'Save Attachments' will only see the attachments that don't have a
background color. I will try to attach a screenshot where you can see the
difference. There are 6 attachments in this email, five of them PNG images,
they have a background color (purple in my case). One is a PDF without a
background. When I right click 'Save Attachments' it only saves the PDF.

I have another email containing multiple XLSX files. All of them have a
background color. When I click 'Save Attachments', I get the message 'Found no
attachments to save'.

So I think this works as intended (in the original screenshots the attachments
also have backgrounds), only it's not clear to the user why no attachments are

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