[korganizer] [Bug 341080] DBus interface : default calendar not selected for new event

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Mon Apr 11 11:48:41 BST 2022


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(In reply to gjditchfield from comment #4)
> Does this problem still affect you?

1. Using either the UI, dbus-send (without --print-reply), qdbusviewer or
qdbus, the new event dialog selects the calendar currently selected in the list
of available calendars. That's probably the intended workflow.

The confusion arises with the proposed 'Default calendar'; what would be its
meaning and intent ? Remote calls via DBus are meant for automation, and there
is no DBus function exposed to select a specific calendar in the UI, or I
missed it. Perhaps, the menu item 'Choose as default calendar' should be better
documented, or removed, or DBus functions exposed to list available calendars
and either select one in UI, or pass it to 'openEventEditor'.

2. I don't remember how and why I was needing this automation pathway in 2014,
and I have not been looking for alternatives. Meaning, it was for an unknown
annoying situation at that time. Given that no one else needs this, current
'bug' is not really a bug and can be closed definitely.


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