[korganizer] [Bug 441846] Tags duplicated with copy&paste an event

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--- Comment #5 from gjditchfield at acm.org ---
(In reply to Alexandre Bonneau from comment #4)

To be clear, pasting an event that has a tag is a reproducible way to create
the merge request's precondition, but the actual duplication is the fault of
the incidence editor.

You can watch the problem in akonadiconsole:

1) Create a new event, give it a new unique tag, and save it.  akonadiconsole's
Browser tab shows the unique tag; double-click it, and a dialog appears saying
that it is a PLAIN tag. On akonadiconsole's DB Browser tab, the
pimitemtagrelation table has 1 row relating the new event and tag.

2) Copy the event and paste it.  akonadiconsole still shows 1 tag with the
unique name, but pimitemtagrelation has 0 rows relating the tag to the pasted

3) Edit the pasted event.  As soon as the editor opens, akonadiconsole shows 2
tags with the (formerly unique) name; double-click the new one, and a dialog
appears saying that it is a GENERIC tag.

If there is a sequence of operations that duplicates tags without opening the
editor ... that is a different bug.

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