[korganizer] [Bug 442937] The "Do you really want to cancel?" dialog is shown even when nothing have been changed in the event/tasks editor

Alexandre Bonneau bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sun Sep 26 04:18:23 BST 2021


--- Comment #4 from Alexandre Bonneau <alexandre.bonneau at linuxfr.eu> ---
Ok this is not the relevant issue for this ticket, but the Tags management is a
huge mess.
I thought I was, one by one, defining the lost colors everytime I opened the
incidence editor of a previous element, but in fact Korganizer/akonadi was
creating new tags with the exact same name.
So when I open another old event with the same tag, it removes the color...then
I go change the color in the settings...then the tag is duplicated again :|

1. Duplicated names shouldn't be allowed for tags
2. When finding an ical CATEGORY, Korganizer/Akonadi should search if a color
has been set and use that, instead of not finding the already configured
tag/color, and forcing the user to create a duplicate.

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