[korganizer] [Bug 374774] When setting the completion level of a task to 100%, the expiration date isn't updated

Alexandre Bonneau bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Fri Sep 17 08:14:47 BST 2021


--- Comment #2 from Alexandre Bonneau <alexandre.bonneau at linuxfr.eu> ---
Would you know in which version this has been fixed?

I'm currently using `5.15.3` and it still exhibit the same problem (ie. not
setting the date/time to the current date and time when setting the tasks to
100% completion, like it did before).

About the completed to-do icon, when a task is completed I do see the
'not-found' icon instead on my Debian installation for years now.
I have no use for the journal.

My use case is that using a mix of the Get Things Done methodology and other
ones, I plan my day/week by putting my tasks at certain time in the following
day. When I complete a task, I want it to stay where(when really!) I completed
it, so that I can keep a clear view at one glance of what I did and when.
It's very useful for reporting to clients for instance, as well as organizing
your time.

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