[korganizer] [Bug 428665] subscribing and syncing to remote dynamic ics web calendar not possible

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Sun May 9 02:16:44 BST 2021


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(In reply to James Cain from comment #4)
> As mentioned, on the second tab of the folder properties dialogue, one can
> specify the update interval. It remains to be seem on my system if this is
> working, however I can confirm that manually updating the folder DOES work.
> Not ideal, but perhaps a workable solution in the interim until this bug
> gets fixed / closed.

I've tried both, adding an ical file, and adding an ical directory.  In both
cases, after created, and looking at its folder properties, on the 2nd tab,
called "Retrieval", it's "Synchronize when selecting this folder" is ALWAYS
un-selected and grayed out (not possible to select it), and its "Automatically
synchronize after" is ALWAYS with NEVER selection, and also grayed out (not
possible to change selection).  So no, that is not working unfortunately.

Moreover, as mentioned before, there should be an option to add a remote
ics/ical calendar, and to be able to keep it synchronized automatically.  That
doesn't exist at all, one can add the URL to the file or the directory
calendars, but those are clearly meant for local to the computer calendars...

What saddens me the most, is that it seems devs don't care about this
functionality.  Korganizer has years being available, and it's really sad this
is still unsupported, :(  I don't even remember Thunderbird not supporting this
ever, and even icsdroid (icsx5) is there for Android supporting this.

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