[korganizer] [Bug 428269] Nextcloud calendar gets deselected every restart

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--- Comment #4 from gjditchfield at acm.org ---
Is this problem still affecting you?

If so, does it only happen when you restart, or does it also happen if you quit
KOrganizer and relaunch it without logging out?

If so, here is something to check.  The calendar selection is stored in file
~/.config/kontactrc (if KOrganizer is running inside Kontact) or
~/.config/korganizerrc (if KOrganizer is running stand-alone).  Either file
should have a GlobalCollectionSelection section that would look something like


The "cXXX" strings are the collection IDs of the selected calendars.  If you
run akonadiconsole and use its DB Browser tab to look at the collectiontable,
you can figure out which calendar is which.

KOrganizer writes out the current selection to the appropriate config file when
it quits.  Please make some changes to your calendar selection, close
KOrganizer, and check whether the changes were saved properly.

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