[Akonadi] [Bug 386985] akonadi CalDav resource not synching with certain servers

Rigo Wenning bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Mon May 3 09:52:49 BST 2021


--- Comment #53 from Rigo Wenning <rigo at w3.org> ---
As I noted in a comment to another bug. I've been using korganizer and
kdepim/kontact since over 20 years now. This bug is absolutely critical as
nextcloud is the way linux users try to avoid the all-google. While trying to
fix one of the many times when sync stopped to work, I killed my entire
professional calendar on nextcloud. While kontact remains one of the most user
friendly personal information managers, the backend connections are extremely
poorly maintained. Don't blame the akonadi-system itself. The devs just don't
want to touch the hard probs. The conduits from CalDav, the imap implementation
etc would need A LOT of love before kontact could become usable again. As does
the sync between file system and akonadi-database. (Why not abandon file system
sync and offer backup-export? Or at least offer to manually trigger file sync.)
In my desperation, I switched to evolution. Usability kind of works, but is
burdensome. Meanwhile the backend hasn't deceived me a single time. And this is
crucial if you're dependent on email and calendar for work. Like most of us.

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