[kontact] [Bug 441469] Kontact(and Kmail also) quit after clicking OK in add ID

Michael Grosskopf bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue Aug 31 04:37:27 BST 2021


--- Comment #4 from Michael Grosskopf <mikegrosskopf at compuserve.com> ---
As mentioned before, this is a developing story. Kontact and kmail are not
supported  for arm anymore. No sources available. 
Since I found the answer, no further action is required in that matter. 

I changed to 64 bit version on Raspberry 3B+.
During setup I encountered some complications. 
Zram-tools is not working satisfying in my setup. 
Zram by novaspirit is working fine.
Chromium-browser reacts crisp now, but was hanging without /usr/bin/zram.sh. 
Kmail is working on plasma desktop, but 
kontact is freezing within seconds after start. 
When starting kontact from konsole a message appears:
~/.local/kontact/kontact-.rc not found, but kontact is fully functional in
LX... desktop. I will wait a couple of weeks. Possibly updates will solve this
issue soon. 
If not, I will send a new bug report.

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