[Akonadi] [Bug 401054] Stream parser exceptions

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Tue Aug 10 17:58:46 BST 2021


Aaron Williams <aaronw at doofus.org> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from Aaron Williams <aaronw at doofus.org> ---
This happens every time I receive a corporate-wide email with an extremely long
CC list (the cc line is over 15,000 characters in length). Once this email is
hit no more emails can be downloaded. Usually, this is an invitation to a
corporate-wide meeting in my case. The only way to recover is to:
1. Stop akonadi
2. Delete the calendar entry in the Office365 web GUI
3. Delete the email in my inbox in the web GUI
4. Delete it from the deleted items folder in the web gui
5. Make sure it's really gone
6. Start akonadi
7. Sometimes I can use akonadiconsole to delete the offending email and allow
akonadi to work again, but this isn't reliable.
8. If 7 doesn't work:
 9. stop akonadi
 10. delete .local/share/akonadi/file_db_data and
 11. start akonadi
 12. run akonadictl fsck

Once this is done things will work again, however it is a very slow process for
Akonadi to rebuild everything since in my case I have several IMAP accounts
with decades of emails. Also, I have to repeat this process every single time I
receive a corporate-wide email or calendar invitation and it means I can't add
it to my calendar.
I appologize for the two duplicate bugs I entered but they might add some
additional info not listed here.

I consider this a critical bug, since this basically kills Akonadi every time
an email with a huge CC list is received where recovery is difficult.

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