[Akonadi] [Bug 425786] akonadi_archivemail_agent (akonadi_archivemail_agent), signal: Segmentation fault - Akonadi::EntityTreeModel::modelIndexForCollection (model=<optimized out>, collection=...)

Ahmad Samir bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Thu Sep 10 10:56:13 BST 2020


--- Comment #6 from Ahmad Samir <a.samirh78 at gmail.com> ---
What I found out so far, the stack trace in comment #1 is a different issue
than the other ones, that one is caused by deleting mInfo in the ArchiveJob
dtor, it looks like a race issue caused by that objected (allocated with new)
having already been deleted in the dtor of ArchiveMailManager, I think this can
be fixed by using shared_ptr to manage ArchiveMailInfo objects which are passed
from ArchiveMailManager too ArchiveJob.

The other stacktraces, are a crash in QObject::metaObject(); proxiesAndModel
from EntityTreeModel, calls qobject_cast which calls QMetaObject::cast:
const QObject *QMetaObject::cast(const QObject *obj) const
    return (obj && obj->metaObject()->inherits(this)) ? obj : nullptr;

the crash happens in obj->metaObject(), I haven't been able to figure out why
exactly that happens.

Steps to reproduce that crash:
- KMail -> Settings -> Configure automatic archiving
- Attach gdb to the running akonadi_archivemail_agent
- Create a new archiving job, OK/Apply
- Wait a while for the scheduled job to fire
- Crash

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