[Akonadi] [Bug 410935] akonadi _ews_ressource crashes when setting office365 account

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Tue Sep 1 11:01:13 BST 2020


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New crash information added by DrKonqi

akonadi_ews_resource (5.15.0 (20.08.0)) using Qt 5.15.0

- What I was doing when the application crashed:

KMail autostarts for me. It tries to connect then the office account
immediately crashes. 

When I go into the settings of the account, it shows a green man with a tick
saying "Ready". However clicking on "Modify" for the account doesn't work
anymore. The only time it worked, I tried to test the login. A new window
popped up where I suppose I was going to be able to get Office 365's web login
page, but it just stayed white, froze and crashed.

-- Backtrace (Reduced):
#4  0x00007f036a93c681 in Akonadi::TagAttribute::deserialize
(this=0x5637d6fc5680, data=...) at /usr/include/qt5/QtCore/qbytearray.h:500
#5  0x00005637d67eb528 in EwsTagStore::unserializeTag (this=<optimized out>,
tag=..., data=...) at /usr/include/c++/10/bits/atomic_base.h:333
#6  EwsTagStore::tags (this=<optimized out>) at
#7  EwsGlobalTagsReadJob::getFolderRequestFinished (this=0x5637d6fa5930,
job=<optimized out>) at
#8  0x00007f0361b4b116 in QtPrivate::QSlotObjectBase::call (a=0x7ffe7f103e30,
r=0x5637d6fa5930, this=0x5637d7063ba0) at

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