[kontact] [Bug 416416] Kontact: integrated aggregator functions for notification largely broken and / or non logic - redundant

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            Summary|Kontact crashes after       |Kontact: integrated
                   |changing the (not working)  |aggregator functions for
                   |notification of new         |notification largely broken
                   |articles in agregator       |and / or non logic -
                   |                            |redundant

--- Comment #1 from stakanov at eclipso.eu ---
I went now through all of this and found that the whole function of
notification of aggregator appears quite broken. 

When told to show the icon in the tray, the icon is shown, nevertheless, new
articles are shown either in the task bar when the application is open
(therefore causing a total confusion with existing mail) however the very icon
in the task bar has no function. a) it does not show any unread article. b) it
does not even open the aggregator instance of Kontakt when Kontakt is running. 

Instead it opens the mail(!) view, which is then, to make the confusion
perfect, obviously empty, as the articles are shown as mail in the task bar.
Now, first point: either the "tray icon" of aggregator has a function and shall
stay. Or it should be selectable only if aggregator is standalone. Otherwise it
is a burden without function, cluttering the tray. 

Task bar function: Kontact should show, if selected in the aggregator
notification settings, new messages when they arrive. Instead it counts new
articles on aggregator, with a kind of hierarchy. Thus, there is mail: so
only(!) the number of email is shown. Not the number of articles. But then,
when mail is read, then the articles are shown. 

I am not aware of any logical way to distinguish whether you have new mail or
new unread articles. 

So no logic: either articles and mail are equivalent for Kontakt, then the sum
should be cumulatively shown in the task bar (and you need only one tray icon
for Kontakt). 
Or: you consider this two distinct events. 
Then the task bar icon for articles, should be different from the icon for
mail, and appear both, if both are present. And then you do not need a
aggregator "tray" icon. Or, the messages are shown and counted only in the task
bar when this is mail, then you need a counting tray icon of aggregator in the

Pop up notification of new articles: is broken and any change in the setting
causes for the whole session a crash when restarting Kontakt, after having
exited the application. (This gave origin to this bug report).

So substantially: the aggregator popup-notification broken and without
function, taskbar notification of aggregator messed up and not logic, and tray
icons are without recognizable function. 
So i would say the notification system for the system "Kontakt-Aggregator" was
lost in porting aggregator from Plasma 4 to 5 and would definitely need some

If instead you are sure, that this is only an opensuse (Leap 15.1) problem,
please do notify me about it, I will then raise this bug within the
distribution bugzilla to make sure it does not get inherited endlessly. 

P.S I changed the title of the bug accordingly

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