[kmail2] [Bug 416148] inbox, new messages,quantity "3" and only one displayed in the folder

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Mon Jan 13 17:18:04 GMT 2020


--- Comment #6 from stakanov at eclipso.eu ---
I was able today to reproduce the issue on the "base installation" of kmail,
from Leap 15.1 that is:
Plasma 5.12.8
Frameworks 5.55.0
QT 5.9.7
As filters I use spamassassin and clamav. 
Now, the issue was that two messages arrived on the same postbox with a certain
lag of time. (About 1 h of difference). 
The first was visible, the second not. 
Issues encountered: the message that was visible would not shift to "read"
status even if selected long time in preview (against the settings) and shifted
only when double clicked and read (note: only after applying the workaround
mentioned hereafter). The second message was not visible and stayed
I found however a workaround that you may try and that avoids to restart every
time the program. Worked for me, that does of course not mean it will work for
you. But if, it it would be nice if you report back: 
You have in the main view of kmail/kontact a "search bar". Here you can select
to show you only new or also only unread messages. When selecting: show only
new messages:
First I was now able to shift the message status of the message visible. 
Once "read" this one, the other one "reappeared". It was then possible to read
the message normally and the status changed correctly. 


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