[kmail2] [Bug 416148] inbox, new messages,quantity "3" and only one displayed in the folder

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Sun Jan 12 16:09:55 GMT 2020


--- Comment #4 from stakanov at eclipso.eu ---
(In reply to Philippe ROUBACH from comment #3)
> thanks
> i use spamassassin and 3 other filters to route to different boxes.
> if i manually apply all filters then it takes 3 or 4 s. for 3 messages.
> i don't think this is a filter problem.
> >> So you will have to live with it until the new version of kmail that should 
> >> arrive with 15.1. 
> 15.1 for what software ?
> i know kde apps 19.12.1 , kmail 5.13.1 but 15.1 ...

My bad sorry, I meant the 15.2 version of Leap. I think currently you are maybe
using the KDE repos with the 15.1? 
Supposing you are using mariadb (as opposed to postfix that some do) did you
check if (after this happens and you simply exit kmail) there is a non reactive
instance of kmail staying resident once you exited via the menu bar? 
When I encounter here the problem, if you exit and reenter without manually
terminating it, I have kmail segfaulting, this whether I restart akonadi or
not. If instead I terminate it manually and restart thereafter, then the mails
are correctly shown. 
I think the very same problem is present in the kmail 5.10.3 Version of the
main repo (KDE Frameworks 5.55). 
You never get any segfault / backtrace?

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