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I would suggest you control for the following:
in opensuse the Kmail/Kontact application is given with a preconfigured
Agregator group considering linux, kde and opensuse activities. 
Once you have a mail, you are shown "1" in the counter, respectively more if
you have more mail. Once you read them, the counter goes down. If all mails are
read, by hierarchy, now you are shown the number of unread messages in the
aggregtor app. So if there are 3 news, you are shown the number three. Once
mail is available again, the number will show the number of mails. 
I am not aware if you can deactivate the monitoring of the aggregator app. But
you can surely, if you do not use the aggregator, take of the groups. So the
problem would vanish. 
If instead you should encounter that one of the mails is always "unread"
although it had been opened, you may have run into a bug crashing kmail (and
hanging the status of mails until a "akonadictl restart" in CLI and a closing
of the "zombie" kmail via the syscontrol application. 
This bug mentioned is known and reported. 
So you will have to live with it until the new version of kmail that should
arrive with 15.1. 
Else this would then not be a bug but a feature (no pun intended) and somebody
more educated may enlighten you about the possibility to change this (wanted)
Kind regards.

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