[kmail2] [Bug 366356] Reply action picks the wrong To address when replying between two identities of the same KMail instance

Patrick Wigmore bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Mon Nov 25 15:52:54 GMT 2019


--- Comment #2 from Patrick Wigmore <pwbugreports at gmx.com> ---
I have also found this bug in KMail 5.1.3.

If I send myself emails from any one of my identities to any one of my other
identities, and then try to reply to those emails, the default is to reply to
the address that *received* the email that's being replied to, rather than the
address that *sent* it.

Deleting the identity that sent the email restores proper reply behaviour.
Re-creating the identity restores improper reply behaviour.

If the email contains a Reply-To header, then replies go to the Reply-To header
and this bug is not triggered.

This bug seems to have been reported previously in #301449 "Replying to a mail
sent by another identity in the same kmail copy leads to replying to the
current identity itself". That bug was not confirmed in a supported version of

I found it difficult to find this bug report, because the title is not very
descriptive, so I am taking the liberty of changing the title to make it a bit
more searchable.

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