[kmail2] [Bug 407209] "grammar check(Language Tool)" does not work

Laurent Montel bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Fri May 17 08:51:46 BST 2019


--- Comment #5 from Laurent Montel <montel at kde.org> ---
(In reply to Philippe ROUBACH from comment #4)
> I confirm that in composer option "grammar checking" selection is not
> recorded.
> After checking "grammar checking" all the text is checked. Good.
> But if you keep on typing your message there is not more grammar checking.
> You must unselect then select "grammar checking" to get a checking of the
> new text!

normal it doesn't work as it. We need to recheck it. (menu in windows area =>
check again)

> "It works fine" if you know how to use it!
> I use LT with Chrome, Firefox, LibreOffice. The way to use LT is very
> different:
> - Grammar checking works automatically as I am typing.

So it sends all the time info on server, but when we use not local the number
of sending message is limited.

> - I must not, at the end of typing my text, ask for grammar checking of all
> the text with an option in a contextual menu.
> - There is not a second window which is a copy of my mail.

But in kmail we have sonnet which will override LT changes.

> It's not handy. The way to use LT must be the same way as Chrome, Firefox,
> LibreOffice.

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