[kmail2] [Bug 400770] Erratic Kmail filtering (startup problem?)

David Lochrin bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Thu May 16 03:27:45 BST 2019


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> But sometimes two copies of the email go to the Link mailbox, one which
> seems perfectly OK and a second which has no bodypart, is permanently
> flagged as "unread", and cannot be deleted.  Other effects are
> unpredictable; I have an instance now where the same two copies also
> appeared in the scratch folder but the copy with a blank bodypart was
> successfully deleted.

This problem still occurs, and it's extremely annoying to the point where I'm
considering ditching Kmail altogether.

The obvious problem can be fixed by renaming the Kmail folder, creating a new
folder with the original name, moving all emails except the offending one(s) to
the new folder, deleting the renamed folder, and finally re-specifying the
folder in the relevant filter.

However I have no idea in what state this leaves the Kmail database.  The
problem cannot be solved by running the Kmail database utility.

Is there any plan for fixing it?

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