[kmail2] [Bug 408121] abily to control "unread"-message overlay in tasklist

Christoph bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Fri Jun 7 16:39:30 BST 2019


--- Comment #2 from Christoph <ilovekde at mojo.cc> ---

@comment 1:  the systray is not what i addressed here .. i addressed the
messagecount in the tasklist (windows list) .. the setting you mentioned does
not affect this.

@comment 2:  i did what you mentioned, walking through all 200 Folders
deactivation the actions (taking actions is preset in kmail), and its close to
well , still sometime showing the countsum of all folders eventually ,
sometimes not ( at a 50:50 ration )


so if i would find myself satisfied here , there still be many people who may
find the above way overkill , specially if the is not option to disable this
feature at all.

I also dont agree that this is "Resolved Fixed" .. it more like "Reported
Wontfix" aint it ?

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