[kmail2] [Bug 353620] distribution list is resolved by comma in name

Eugen Albiker bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sun Aug 18 22:22:24 BST 2019


--- Comment #1 from Eugen Albiker <eugen at albiker.org> ---
Bug is existing in KMail 5.10.3.

Additional Infos for steps to Reproduce:
1. Create distribution list "testlist" in kaddressbook 5.10.3
2. column "name" = "Doe, John"
3. column "E-mail" = "test at test.de"
4. Write new Email to the distribution list "testlist"! 
5. Save the Mail as draft
6. Reopen the saved draft mail

Actual Results:  
There are 2 recipients
1) "Doe
2) John" <test at test.de>

Expected Results:  
There should be 1 recipient
1) "Doe, John" <test at test.de>

Important Infos:
a) When you write the EMail and type "testlist" with the keyboard in the
textfield "To:": all will be right and in the draft email the recipient "Doe,
John" <test at test.de>" will be saved - correct
b) But when you write the Email and click "choose.." (German button named:
"Auswählen...") choose "testlist" from the upcoming window "Choose recipient -
KMail" (German "Empfänger auswählen - KMail") then 2 recipients will be saved
in the draft Email, which is wrong:
  1. "Doe" and 
  2. John" <test at test.de>


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