[Akonadi] [Bug 403903] does not respect org.kde.pim.ews.client: a:ErrorServerBusy: The server cannot service this request right now. Try again later.

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Sun Aug 18 22:18:51 BST 2019


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--- Comment #15 from Krzysztof Nowicki <krissn at op.pl> ---
This is a known problem that I'm personally also hitting quite often and it's
high on my wish list.

It's mostly painful when syncing large folders, as currently there is no state
being preserved and the operation will restart from scratch once the temporary
ban on the server is lifted.

The solution is to:
 - Handle the ErrorServerBusy status globally and temporarily set the resource
offline in such case so that it doesn't keep spamming the server with new
 - Maintain state of long-running tasks, such as folder item synchronization,
so that once the server is processing requests again, these can resume where
they left instead of starting from scratch, possibly eventually causing another

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