[Akonadi] [Bug 410872] New: Kmail reports "Could not read the password" when trying to set an IMAP account online

Lari Natri bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue Aug 13 11:38:01 BST 2019


            Bug ID: 410872
           Summary: Kmail reports "Could not read the password" when
                    trying to set an IMAP account online
           Product: Akonadi
           Version: 5.10.3
          Platform: Kubuntu Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Gmail resource
          Assignee: dvratil at kde.org
          Reporter: lari.natri at gmail.com
                CC: kdepim-bugs at kde.org
  Target Milestone: ---


1. Try to set Gmail IMAP account online by checking mail.

The account stays offline (folders are marked red) and the message "Could not
read the password. User rejected wallet access" message can be seen in the
Kmail's account settings. If password is changed there, it is updated correctly
to the wallet as seen in Wallet Manager, but the error persists nevertheless.

Account goes online and new messages are downloaded. (Actually, normally the
account is online automatically.)

Linux: 5.0.0-23
KDE Plasma Version: 5.16.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.60.0
Qt Version: 5.12.2


KDE wallet is opened normally (at login through PAM) and Wallet Manager
displays the wallet open and "kontact" as an attached application.

The problem appeared suddenly on two different machines around 10.8.2019,
possibly after a package update. One system is Kubuntu 18.04 LTS and the other
is Kubuntu 19.04, both with KDE backports repository enabled.

I noticed that around the time of the problem appearing, an update was
installed to mitigate the .desktop file vulnerability. The following packages
were upgraded:

libkf5config-data:amd64 (5.60.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu19.04~ppa1,
5.60.0-0ubuntu2~ubuntu19.04~ppa1), libkf5configcore5:amd64
(5.60.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu19.04~ppa1, 5.60.0-0ubuntu2~ubuntu19.04~ppa1),
libkf5configgui5:amd64 (5.60.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu19.04~ppa1,
5.60.0-0ubuntu2~ubuntu19.04~ppa1), dpkg:amd64 (1.19.6ubuntu1, 1.19.6ubuntu1.1),
libkf5config-dev-bin:amd64 (5.60.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu19.04~ppa1,
5.60.0-0ubuntu2~ubuntu19.04~ppa1), libkf5config-bin:amd64
(5.60.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu19.04~ppa1, 5.60.0-0ubuntu2~ubuntu19.04~ppa1),
libkf5config-dev:amd64 (5.60.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu19.04~ppa1,
5.60.0-0ubuntu2~ubuntu19.04~ppa1), libkf5config-doc:amd64
(5.60.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu19.04~ppa1, 5.60.0-0ubuntu2~ubuntu19.04~ppa1),
libdpkg-perl:amd64 (1.19.6ubuntu1, 1.19.6ubuntu1.1), dpkg-dev:amd64
(1.19.6ubuntu1, 1.19.6ubuntu1.1)

My apologies, if this is a distribution specific bug, or if it is tagged with a
wrong package.

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