[korganizer] [Bug 317656] Postponed reminders are sometimes lost when KOrganizer/Kontact/korgac are shut down

Peter Gückel bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue Aug 6 17:44:03 BST 2019


--- Comment #12 from Peter Gückel <pgueckel at gmail.com> ---
It seems that the package number and application number are not the same: I
have Korganizer 5.11.2.

Anyway, I did in fact just create an amnesia test and I suspended the computer
before and resumed after the trigger time and the reminder DID NOT occur upon
system resumption. I believe this is an error, as important reminders will
simply be lost.

[I use Korganizer daily for important reminders, such as renewal times for my
passports, registration renewals for my motorcycles and truck, firearms license
renewals, recurring sports classes, monthly condo fee and credit card payments,
etc.—basically anything that recurs on a longterm and recurring basis. I am on
my laptop a lot and these reminders are VERY IMPORTANT to me. I use android's
calendar on my phone primarily for one-time reminders, like doctor's
appointments, dentist, bankers, etc.—things I need to plan my day and prevent
future appointment conflicts.]

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