[Akonadi] [Bug 338658] GMail, Novell Groupwise, other IMAP: "Multiple merge candidates, aborting"

Steven Haigh bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue Mar 20 14:12:46 GMT 2018


--- Comment #96 from Steven Haigh <netwiz at crc.id.au> ---
Thanks for the additional info - would it be too much to ask to find the
previous patch?

I guess the idea was along the lines of a LIMIT 1 in scenarios where more than
one result would kill the world.

Ideally, this could be a runtime fix - and the fsck ability of akondactl could
remove duplicate entries.

I still use this code in the SQL tab of akonadiconsole:
DELETE FROM pimitemtable WHERE pimitemtable.id in (
    SELECT id FROM (
        SELECT id FROM pimitemtable
            SELECT MIN(pimitemtable.id) as RowId, pimitemtable.remoteId,
pimitemtable.collectionId FROM pimitemtable GROUP by pimitemtable.remoteId,
        as KeepRows ON pimitemtable.id = KeepRows.RowId
        WHERE KeepRows.RowId IS NULL
    ) AS foo


This seems to resurrect things until it occurs again.

Still annoying and really needs to be fixed.

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