[korganizer] [Bug 391735] New: Recurrence end after X occurrences does not count excluded dates

Jack bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sun Mar 11 22:49:22 GMT 2018


            Bug ID: 391735
           Summary: Recurrence end after X occurrences does not count
                    excluded dates
           Product: korganizer
           Version: 5.6.3
          Platform: Gentoo Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: recurrence
          Assignee: kdepim-bugs at kde.org
          Reporter: ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net
  Target Milestone: ---

(I only noticed this with weekly occurrence, so I am only assuming it happens
with other periods.) 
If I create an event with weekly recurrence, ending after 6 occurrences, it
gets created correctly.  If I then add an exception on the second occurrence,
the last date does not get extended by one week.  I claim that a date marked as
an exception, is no longer an occurrence, so the end date should be extended by
one more period.  If you claim this works as desired, then please convert this
bug to a wish list for 1) change text to "after X period" (rather than
occurrences) and add an option so that adding an exception does extend the last
occurrence.  Perhaps this could be a pop-up when adding an exception to a
recurring event by count: "Do you want to extend the final occurrence by one

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