[kmail2] [Bug 391336] KMAIL-Settings: Clicking "Security" causes KMAIL to crash

Dieter Fuchs bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sun Mar 4 12:25:59 GMT 2018


--- Comment #2 from Dieter Fuchs <dieter.fuchs at bnro.de> ---
Hi Laurent,

thanks for your quick response. Please let me know the versions of your KDE
components (KMail, Plasma, Frameworks, Qt) that do not show this bug.

However, I have also observed this bug in the current "openSuse Tumbleweed"
distribution that is using KMail 5.7.2, Plasma 5.12.2, Frameworks 5.43.0, Qt
5.10.0 and Kernel 4.15.6.

I know that the current openSuse distribution (Leap 42.3) does not use the most
recent KDE components, but Leap 42.3 uses Plasma 5.8 LTS. I don't know what has
caused this issue, but if it is still something within Plasma 5.8 LTS, it
should be resolved. 

Many thanks in advance.


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