[korganizer] [Bug 305849] KOrganizer monthly view cannot scroll week by week

Joachim Wagner bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Wed Apr 25 09:22:37 BST 2018


--- Comment #8 from Joachim Wagner <jwagner at computing.dcu.ie> ---
Kontact is a container. The relevant project is KOrganizer and
https://cgit.kde.org/korganizer.git/log/ shows some activity. It seems that the
developers rate this feature request just high enough to not close it with
"won't fix".

I'm sure a patch from the community will be appreciated.

It's in the nature of the application that the users who suffer the most from
this missing feature do not have the time to implement it.

Workaround: Use the agenda view, select 2-3 weeks and drag the separator as far
left as possible.

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