[kmail2] [Bug 393421] No ability to hide the HTML Message Status Bar

Jani-Matti Hätinen bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue Apr 24 04:48:32 BST 2018


--- Comment #11 from Jani-Matti Hätinen <jani-matti.hatinen at iki.fi> ---
If you're worried that new users won't be able to switch between HTML and
non-HTML message views (a feature, which no one uses btw) make the HTML status
bar visible by default and add a comment to the configuration page about the
lost functionality if the bar is disabled. Simply forcing the bar on all users
does absolutely nothing to promote said functionality.

99,5% of Kmail users are old users. Quit messing around with their settings.
We've set it up the way we like it, and we know what we've done and why.

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