[kmail2] [Bug 387931] KMail 5.7.0 is missing the show message structure option

Till Schäfer bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Thu Apr 19 15:41:05 BST 2018


--- Comment #15 from Till Schäfer <till2.schaefer at uni-dortmund.de> ---
I have observed, that there is an "expert plugin" for KMail 5.8.0. This plugin
re-enables the desired menu option to show the message list structure. I think
this is a reasonable solution and for my use case the issue is fixed. 

There is one smaller aspect I would like to discuss before closing this bug: 
When the plugin is disabled, it still keeps the shortcut and menu option for
"show message structure" accessible. Thus, it still violates the expectation
"toolbar" \subseteq "menu". I propose to remove at least the toolbar entry as
well, when the expert plugin is disabled. Any objections?

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