[kmail2] [Bug 378189] kmail often stuck in "Retrieving Folder Contents"

Martin Koller bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Thu Apr 27 05:53:04 BST 2017


--- Comment #12 from Martin Koller <kollix at aon.at> ---
>Can there not be a "no caching" mode? "Mail" is already on the machine (maildir >resource), and just copying the mail to some other location on the FS seems >rather pointless...

There is no copying done. Mail is received from one resource (e.g. POP) and
another process (e.g. maildir resource) stores it. The Akonadi DB just holds
information what is where (more or less).

The problem you and I see is somewhere due to the filtering agent inbetween.
For me it seems to be a timing issue.

P.S.:I'm not the author of any part of akonadi, but I try to find the bugs
which hurt me.

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