[kaddressbook] [Bug 378437] lost functionality

Gerry Gavigan bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Thu Apr 27 01:23:59 BST 2017


--- Comment #2 from Gerry Gavigan <gerrysw11 at gmail.com> ---

Case 1: opening kaddressbook 

send an email "to" an address list  works

Send an email to someone "cc" or "bcc" an address list doesn't work
 (cannot extract automatically, the addresses from the address list) 

This is important because the owner of an address list rarely, if ever, wants
to use the "to" option because of the individual privacy of addressees

Case 2: opening kmail

The only way to use an address list is to select addresses from it one-by-one

This makes an address list almost useless

Expected behaviour would be that having copied the address list title into one
of the fields in an email ("to" "cc" or "bcc") that kmail extracts the email
addresses from the address list and autofills the field containing the address
list title

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