[kmail2] [Bug 378320] SMIME/X509: Encrypted message Not enough information to check signature. %1(I18N_ARGUMENT_MISSING)

Achim Bohnet bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sat Apr 15 14:43:02 BST 2017


--- Comment #6 from Achim Bohnet <ach at mpe.mpg.de> ---
Apple Mail marks signed mail from our coorporate members, with 'MPG CA' in
chain as okay.  Nobody complains on the our List about broken signartues.  (I
bet all OS & MTA Agents combinations are used to read those mails)

Look like kmail fails to update the CRL of 'MPG CA'.  Maybe that's the
signature check failure reason?  At least I've found other signed mail with
same 1st&2nd level CAs but different 3rd level CA, that is successfully


1) s_mine_signed.mbox: mail signed with my key.  (With 'MPG CA' as 3rd level
2) smime-bad-sig-check.log: kwatchgnupg log of mail from attachemnt above (
differs starting at line 73 from (3) )
3) smime-good-sig-check.log: watchgnupg log of a mail with a successully
verified signature (with different 3rd level CA than 'MPG CA')

Hope this helps!

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