[Akonadi] [Bug 283682] KMail duplicates filtered messages

Martin Koller bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Wed Apr 5 08:53:00 BST 2017


--- Comment #182 from Martin Koller <kollix at aon.at> ---
Just for the records, I once tried to dig into the Akonadi code to find the
I put my analysis to the other bug report, which is now set to a duplicate of
Just that it does not get lost, and I still think my findings are correct, here
is it again:

I'm hunting the "duplicate mail bug" and I think I've found a bug in the
Akonadi Server.
What happens here is the following:
- a resource adds a new mail item (id=3, collection=17)
- Akonadi sends "Item added" to the filter agent
- filter agent sends a "move" command to move item id=3 from collection=17 to
- Akonadi sends "item added" to the maildir resource (this is the first "added"
message from the creation, so the
  item still has id=3 collection=17)
- I'd say in the Akonadi DB the collectionId of item=3 is now 19 (after the
- Now the maildir resource gets triggered by its internal file watcher and
triggers a sync
- maildir gets called with retrieveItems and lists what it has on disc, which
is the item (id=3) in the collection=17
- Akonadi receives this and inside Merge::parseStream() there the bad thing
  It hits this "if" branch (server/src/handler/merge.cpp Line 301)
      // No item with such GID/RID exists, so call AkAppend::insert() and
      // like if this was a new item
 and INSERTS the item AGAIN into collection=17 with a new id=4
 Now I have the same mail item twice in the DB
 Since the maildir "itemsRetrieved" answer contains for the first time the RID,
the newly inserted item gets this RID,
 and the previously intserted one id=3 does not and is left alone with a NULL

Someone more knowledgeable about the Akonadi internals should have a look,

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