[Akonadi] [Bug 338571] Performance Regression: Folder synchronisation in Akonadi 16.08 (actually in any release, starting with KDE 4.14) very slow, compared to kMail from KDE 4.13.x

mefyl bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Fri Nov 18 12:16:42 GMT 2016


--- Comment #36 from mefyl <mefyl at gruntech.org> ---
Some information that could help: I've been hit by the horrible read
performance bug for years - i.e. opening a folder would take minutes of
processing, with akonadi apparently going through all the mails, as if it was
the first folder synchronization ever.

I had some hunch around 6 months ago and switched my IMAP server from
courier-imap to dovecot, and problem solved: folders now synchronize in a
matter of milliseconds. I suppose other servers like Cyrus would do too. I
can't be sure who's at fault here, but I'm positive that this setup
(kmail/akonadi/courier-imap) did work perfectly for years before the apparition
of this regression, so some digging around here could be useful. Or in any
case, if you have that bug and are using courier-imap, you can try changing the
IMAP server as a workaround and finally find some peace of minds wrt to your

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