[kmail2] [Bug 354400] In Kmail 5.0.2 autocompletion only shows recent email addresses but not stored emails in Kaddressbook

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Wed Nov 16 07:42:03 GMT 2016


--- Comment #64 from flyos at mailoo.org ---
Can someone confirm the bug still being there for Kmail >5.3.0 (KDE
Applications > 16.08)? Right now, we have only 2 people stating that it is
fixed for these latter versions, so unless someone confirms the bug still being
there, I think it's fair to say the bug is likely being fixed, but we'd need
more confirmation to actually be sure. 

If you don't have 5.3.0 installed, the best way would be to fire up a live USB
Neon image, set up your accounts and try to send an e-mail and see if the bug
is still triggered.

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